Deb is one of the brightest stars in higher education marketing. I admired her from afar for two years then had the good fortune to sit by her at an AMA function. I quickly latched on to her for advice on how to articulate an effective marketing strategy within our organizational structure. Deb is a consummate and passionate expert. Her guidance has helped me to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. She is a talented professional who draws upon her rich marketing background to build high-level marketing plans. She is a counselor, researcher, strategist and marketer all in one. I have been nothing short of amazed at her ability to understand, articulate and resolve high-stakes organizational issues. Deb is the go-to person for higher ed marketers who are dealing with complex issues. I highly recommend Deb Maue. You’ll thank me later!
— Lana Poole, Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, Westminster College

Over the past 25 years I’ve had the opportunity to work with Deb as her boss, and as a vendor, a real juxtaposition. So in my experience she’s gone from student, to teacher, to an effective leader. Most people don’t become effective leaders, either because they aren’t smart enough or they can’t see the big picture, and get stuck at managing the minutia and the people around them. Deb is smart, and she has the patience and kindness that inspires others to want to give their best on the business initiatives she leads. Whether it is a new product launch in packaged goods, a strategic repositioning of a University, or teaching an old boss about the merits of social media before others even had it on their radar screen, she’s more than an asset to an organization…she is a gem. Pay attention to what she is teaching you.
— James Ebel President, CenterBrain Partners

With all that is changing and unpredictable about marketing and media right now, it’s both cliche but also unmistakably true that Deb Maue is the right person for the right time in navigating today’s unprecedented challenges. I have had the good fortune to work for Deb in her never-ending quest to keep DePaul University at the forefront of higher education, and it’s been one of most collaborative, productive, and fascinating professional experiences of my career. Want to see something special? Stand back when Deb’s wicked blend of curiosity and intelligence is aimed at problem, an obstacle or an issue; something terrific is always the result. To work with Deb is to learn from her and, because of her uncanny creative and strategic talent, you’ll swear alchemy is at work. But it’s neither magic nor mystery that sets Deb’s that she is a seasoned, accomplished marketer who continues to push boundaries and expand possibilities, creatively and unabashedly building brands and organizations.
— Dave Kissel, Global Business Lead - McDonald's, DDB Needham

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