We help higher education institutions attract students in the digital age by ensuring they are telling the right brand story, using the right combination of marketing vehicles, with the right staffing and organizational structure..


Today's students are digital natives. They live online and expect organizations they interact with to do the same. This means the old ways of doing business in higher education no longer work. Whether you need help with organizational design, brand messaging, marketing planning and execution, or all of the above, we will help you reach and attract the right students.

Deborah Maue, the president of Higher Thinking, Inc., has created and built high-performing teams that achieve business results. She's developed unique and compelling brand strategies for consumer brands and higher ed institutions. And she's developed unified campaigns that tell the brand story across all forms of traditional and emerging media, including TV, print, radio, digital, and environmental.

In addition to Deb, Higher Thinking, Inc. has a strong network of talented consultants. For each cllent, we assemble the right team to achieve your goals.

For questions or for information about consulting services, please contact Deb at deborahmaue@gmail.com